We are posting every day in 2011 (except the days that have already gone by)!

We’ve decided we want to write more. Rather than just thinking about doing it, we are starting right now. We will be posting on this blog once a day for all of 2011.

We know it won’t be easy, but it might be fun, inspiring, awesome and wonderful. Therefore we are promising to make use of The DailyPost, and the community of other bloggers with similiar goals, to help us along the way, including asking for help when we need it and encouraging others when we can.

If you already read our blog, we hope you’ll encourage us with comments and likes, and good will along the way.

Smokey Bear, Rosie, Padma, Red Star, Bella and Night Wind (oh and Cassie the dog might take a bite or two)

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Ode to my Red Maine Coon friend

Rosie is not really my friend. I mean, okay she lives with me. And, okay I sort of like her. But, well, I also like to pounce on her, which upsets her for some reason. Today, I actually smashed her to the ground. Well, really I fell off the top of the refridgerator…..right on top of Rose. I guess I really didn’t MEAN it, I mean, not REALLY. And, well, I felt bad that she hurt her foot, so I wrote her a poem:

my friend
the pirate
in the ocean
tells me a joke
very softly

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Chef Smokey Bear

Chef Smokey Bear

Stop trying to feed me vegetables!

Do you like my chef’s hat? It is in honor of my new poem. This is my new poem. It is my very first original poem:

Stop trying to feed me vegetables
A cat has no use for vegetables
Nor berries nor wholesome grains
The only grains in our meat
should stop the birdies tweet
again and again and again

That is an ode to all the crappy pet food out there. Thank you Mom Sande for feeding me the good stuff.

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Rosie the rivited or Rose gets into Shakespeare.

Cats can read.

Proof that cats can read.

Rose Rose Rose
My name is Rose
I have nice toes
and a lovely nose
and that’s the way my story goes
because my name is
Rose Rose Rose

Hello, My name is Rose. I am the oldest of the Maine Coon Pride. I am a five year old Red Maine Coon (which is the best color by the way). I am here to tell you that cats can read, which is why we love to lay on your paperwork. How else are we going to keep up with the news? You certainly do not talk to us as if we know what is going on! Well, all that just has to change. So, please leave your papers around for our purrrusal. Thanks a lot.

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Smokey the Explorer

Exploring and poetry

Paddington Bear has nothin' on me!

I am adorable, I know. The theme of my poem for today is treasure hunting. Can you tell?

All day long
the cat
digs a hole
on a sunny day
finds treasure
in the yard.

Hope you like it!

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Hemingway couldn’t do better…

Smokey Bear here again. I know I am hogging the blog, but I’ve got a lot to say! I have a new poem. It is a really good one! Here is my new poem:

My dad
the monster
my friend
to sleep
on the floor
under my bed

I know that I am a Hemingway cat, because of my polydactyl toes, but I have to admit that Hemingway couldn’t write a poem as good as mine.


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I am polydactyl and I can use my toes.

Most people think that polydactylism is a genetic fault. I just have to tell you, being my sensitive artist poet self, that assumption hurts my feelings. After all, look at what I can do with my extra toes!

Poly-footed Maine Coon performs lifting feat.

I can pick this up myself, thank you very much!

Now that I have made my political stand for POLYDACTYL CATS EVERYWHERE, I know that my fans have been waiting for my next poem. Here it is:
The moon
comes out
chases the dog

The pirate
plants a garden
finds treasure
tells me a joke
runs fast

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