Good food, Good Meat, Good GOD let’s EAT!

Hey ho! Ame here. I am new to the gang. I’m kinda confused. I have a lot of questions. For one, I want to know WHY it always smells like cat food when I only get to eat three times a day? Hum? This is my biggest question. I mean, dude, really?

For instance, today is cat food making day. I can smell the yummy food cooking away and I am getting hungrier and hungrier just smelling all of the good smells. I get nothin’ until later.

Here is what went into the pot for Meat Stock:

5 cups water

1 pound turkey

cooled and separated (the meat went on the dish and got covered by a clear bowl, which then I had to stare at without eating! The liquid went back into the pot.)

The whole thing, pot and all went into the refrigerator. Cool the broth off in the refrigerator and scoop fat off of cooled broth.

Ah! That fat! Don’t throw it away! It is good stuff; good for fur and tummies. Place the fat in a container in the freezer. If you make a label for the fat, make sure that you have your FFF (see previous post for translation) around to help you with the writing. I helped. It came out much better.

Making Broth for food:

1 carrot with green top

1 celery stalk with leaves

1 bunch of parsley

6 cups of meat broth

Cook this until vegetables are limp. Strain the vegetables out of the liquid. Cool the liquid and freeze it in 1 cup portions. (it freezes nicely in ziplock bags and takes up very little room this way) This broth can be substituted for water when you cook your turkey for the meal (mentioned by Padma in previous posts).

Here’s the thing. Celery is good for your general digestion, but not the seeds, bulb or stringy stalks for cats, no no no. I love to chew the celery tops when they come home, before they go into the pot. Yum! Maybe that’s why I am not allowed in the kitchen on cat food making day. I can’t see where a nose here, or a paw there would hurt anything! And who ever said a little cat hair hurt someone’s food?

Parsley is another thing that I love to chew. Of course I leave a nice little present if I chew it, but, hey! I have nice breath!

Carrots, cooked, are good for my heart. The green stuff on the top is not bad either.

So, here I am, smelling all this good stuff, not allowed in the kitchen to give my opinion and banned to the sun room where wafting smells are making me drool all over the nice bamboo floor. DUDE! Maybe next time she’ll let me help her cook!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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Recipes for life: the ingredients.

Padma here again: Queen of the counter top, ruler of the roost, and controller of the household Chi. While I disdain running and jumping and all that noisome frolicking of the lower-cat type, there are two things that I like to watch, besides the birds.


First, the water dispenser (I know that I will be able to catch those bubbles some day) and secondly, the blender. Food making day is quite fun because the blender needs copious amounts of watching.

As promised here are the vita ingredients for the homemade cat food that I ingest. This bunch of vitamins sounds yucky, but is very good for my intestines. If you have a puss with a similarly delicate disposition this may be a recipe to embrace.

(to mix with three pounds of meat)

2 eggs lightly cooked (optional, some felines abhor egg)

5000 mg fish oil (not cod liver) caps or powder (if caps prick with a pin and squirt into the mix, or soak in water and add) I love Salmon Oil, but you may use the cheaper types if your feline will concur.

400IU (268mg) of Vitamin E (get d-toropherol which is a natural form of Vitamin E)

50 mg B complex (this is rather smelly, and can be yellow which would in turn make your feline’s food green [an unnatural food color in my distinguished opinion], so use the natural vitamin B).

2000 mg Taurine

3/4 tsp Lite Salt (has potassium and iodine in it, also makes my meal flavorful)

1 tbsp Bone Meal Powder (in lieu of real bones)

and either

2 Tbsp Psyllium Husk Powder with 1/2 cup extra water (easy to find, good for digestion)


1/8 tsp Guar Gum (more natural and completely available nutrients and easily digestible)

Place all ingredients (except the Guar Gum or the Psyllium Husk because they will absorb all liquid) in the blender and watch intently for any mishap, bubble or random escapee. I watch very closely. I am very suspicious of this part of the process in making my individually tailored gourmet sustenance.

Next, gently fold the Guar Gum or Psyllium Husk into the vitamin mixture. Then you can add the egg, if you haven’t already. Finally, add the whole thing to the cooled (not cold) meat mixture. As stated previously, you can freeze this in mouse-size chunks. A feline with similar discriminating tastes and svelte body type of 7 pounds 11 ounces eats about 4-6 ounces of this meal a day. There is enough in this recipe to last one cat 14 days (2 weeks). I do not share. After watching the blender and supervising the mouse-chunk making, there is only one more thing to do:

Bella in new home


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Recipes for Life:


Padma here: Maine Coon, queen of the house, fairly nice cat who does not mind if you are unimportant and in my space (I am a sharing kind of gal). In this section of the blog we will discuss homemade cat food recipes which have three important elements if you are a Maine Coon:

  1. They are not green in color after cooking.
  2. They still have all the essential vitamins and minerals we crave.
  3. They are tasty and yummy to cats (according to cats, not according to people’s opinion).

Here is the first recipe in the repertoire. I personally like this one. It helped me when my stomach was upset:

3 pounds Ground Turkey (you can also use rabbit or chicken, but I don’t like them)

1/4 pound chicken livers

1 cup of water, plus 2 tablespoons

1 batch of vitamin mix (with all the essential vitamins* see next post)


Cook the turkey in a pan with about 2 tablespoon water until meat is pink (do not over cook). If turkey is not ground fine enough put it in the blender on chop.

Next blend: Water and Liver in the blender.

Place all this in the pan with the turkey and cook a little bit more (not much!). Let cool.

Last, add the vitamin packet to the already cooled meat. Do not cook the vitamins (yuck).

Finally, take an ice-cube tray, or use your best judgment, and split it all up into mouse-sized chunks. You can freeze it in the old ice-cube tray. I eat about three of these size chunks a day and I am a shapely 7 pound female.

Now, as I said previously, this meal is good for those who have tummy troubles. At least that is my experience. I do not eat them FROZEN! (don’t try that) And, do not destroy all of the essential ingredients by using the microwave oven to defrost the chunks. The best thing to do is plan ahead. I am going to eat. You know this, so plan for it, defrost chunks for the day in the refrigerator!

That is it! Happy eating!

PS: If your Finicky Feline Friend does not immediately take to this meal, do not give up! Did you like oysters the first time you saw them? (I personally think that oysters look like a hairball moment, but that is just me). Instead, add a little Parmesan Cheese to the top, or sprinkle a bit of Forti-Flora over the surface. Both are tasty additions and either, but not both, would help transition your FFF to a gourmet diet which adds a shapely waist and pleasant litter box encounters  to your FFFs daily experience.


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Cat in a Chef Hat

Chef Smokey Bear

Stop trying to feed me vegetables!

Apparently, my lovely photo of me (Smokey Bear) in my Chef hat is very popular. Just wait for my Royal Wedding Photos!

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What do you want for your last meal?

All I want for Easter is a chocolate egg…filled with TUNA!


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Red Star Styles Christian Dior

Go here to view challenge for the day (finishing a post that was started a week ago and not finished until now).

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What non-exercise activity do you wish would keep you fit?

I get this topic! I get this topic! I get to write abut this topic. Okay, I know that I hog the blog a lot, but this one is really for me.

Hi all, Smokey Bear the Maine Coon Cat here. My non-exercise activity that I do that I wish would keep me fit is peeing. Yep, you did read that right, peeing, urinating, taking a squatt, squirting the dirt, spending a penny, watering the trees, draining the main vien. Specifically I am writing about peeing in corners in my house. Okay, hey, I know that I said I wasn’t going to do that anymore, but there are things that you SAY you are not going to do, but you just HAVE to do, like using your hand on your boy-thing when you are a teenage boy. Am I right? Am I right? Come on! Admit it, I’m right. You SAY you are not going to do that, but you know you do, under the covers, at night, when no one is around (and by the way are you blind yet? No? Okay, then, point proven).

Well, my thing that I know I am not supposed to do, but that I do anyway, is pee on the floor. BUT, I can’t help myself. I am powerless over it. I think “I am not going to do that any more. Sande gets so mad.” Then, I am walking by a corner and it just…calls to me “SMOKEYYYYY….Coooooomme heeeerrreee Smokey.” It waves its freshly cleaned self in my direction. I go weak at the knees. My tail is a dousing rod. The tip curves, pointing the way to that seductively clean corner. Suddenly, I see it in my minds’ eye. The corner, me squatting in it, hot pee-pee rolling down my leg, splashing on the tile floor, the smell of warm urine wafting back up to my ever sensitive nose. AHHH, ouuu, my smell, my corner. Yes.

Guiltily, I look around. I zoom out of the room really fast. Then, I stop suddenly. Licking my paw with care, I consider my alternatives. None. She knows I pee’d on the floor. Even a dog could tell that! Then I think, “So what if Sande gets mad. What is she going to do? Donate my penis to a worthy cause? Sell it to the highest bidder? Send me back into my mother’s womb?” Not likely. Meanwhile, the smell wafting this way sure does my heart good. I wish I would get gym credit for that.

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