Ambergris by any other name….is still Vomit.

Ambergris by any other name…. is still Vomit.

Why not Cat Puke?

Hello all. Today I, Grace the Maine Coon Cat, am writing and I am choosing the topic. Today we are pondering the unfairness of cat vomit and its unpopular reception. This morning, for instance, I myself managed a grand pile of puke, the reception of which was unpopular. It may not have helped that my person stepped in the wet pile.


For information purposes, it did contain fur, but primarily was composed of my persons’ breakfast which I had taken the liberty to delicately feast upon. Nonetheless, I recently found out (by watching over my person’s shoulder) that some guy found a pile of whale vomit on some beach, which made him instantly rich. I would like to object to this speciesism! It is clear prejudice. How can a pile of whale puke on the beach fetch some guy a bunch of money and my carefully selected offering of hairball ingredients be greeted with such distain? Who put whale vomit in perfume in the first place? Vomit is probably why my delicate nose objects to the stuff. Perfume makes me sneeze. Okay, some people use Whale vomit for perfume, but has anyone ever TRIED cat puke as a base for perfume? Here is my challenge then: I would like anyone to get back to me, Grace, if you have tried cat vomit in perfume. If not, then the challenge to all you professional Nez’s, or Perfumers is to try cat hairballs! Here are three reasons to experiment: a. Hairballs are cheaper (because we will produce more of them), B. Hairballs smell nicer, and C. Cats are easy companions to have around once we have vomited for your perfume pleasure. Let me know how that goes, will you?

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Who is The Wabi Sabi Woman? The essence of a Wabi Sabi woman is one who embraces the transitory, imperfect, unheroic, artistic solitary nature of living.
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    Grace, the Maine Coon, is now retired and lives a happy life with her ‘sister’ Blue in Idylwild, CA. While there is no chance of observing whales puking, there is ample time for watching birds and contributing to the volume of cat puke. Grace also chases her dreams of becoming the first lady of Cat-Puke Based Perfume.


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