THE FELINE STARE: Its purpose, its use and its effect.

Hello lesser beings. Pamda the cat goddess here to enlighten you on the purpose of THE STARE. If you are owned by a cat, you will know THE STARE. For advanced beings, such as myself, it is the only way of communicating with lower life forms, such as yourselves.

Here is a photo of THE STARE, in case you are still wandering around trying to comprehend this offering:


This is myself, of course, with the correct position for THE STARE. Notice that I am not staring directly at the camera, but slightly to the left and above. Thus, my thoughts get transmuted to the ether appropriately, where, if you are intelligent enough, you may pick them up. Here is an inappropriate use of THE STARE by my sister Maddy:


Notice how she is staring directly into the camera? This is a sheer beauty pose and has nothing to do with communicating with lesser beings (such as yourselves). It is very irritating to me that she poses, but she also allows the dog to use her as a pillow. These things are out of my control.

Now, the purpose of THE STARE, of course, is communication, as I stated previously (it is good to repeat myself, however irritating, for lesser beings such as yourselves). The use of THE STARE is purely to project thoughts into the ether, where you may pick them up. It took my human a mere week to pick up my thoughts about feeding me appropriate canned cat food, but then again I have chosen a supremely intelligent human. Your cat may not be so fortunate.

Transmutation of feline thoughts into the human brain, and thus into service of feline kind, is a tricky business at best. For you lesser beings, I can only, inadequately describe it as farting in a room. The human concerned may or may not pick up this ‘fart’. The tricky part comes in, of course, as to what the human will do with this ‘fart’. They may ignore it. They may add chemicals to it.

If, however, they adequately address the actual problem and confront the ‘farter’ they may understand the need. They are pretty quick, once they pay attention. Perhaps I am a bit spoiled, though. As I mentioned, I have a superior human. You are most likely not so lucky. In signing off , leaving you to ponder my musings, I also leave you with an excellent example (besides my own portrait, of course) of THE STARE. This is my father Indra‘s Net Sun Flare:


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Who is The Wabi Sabi Woman? The essence of a Wabi Sabi woman is one who embraces the transitory, imperfect, unheroic, artistic solitary nature of living.
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5 Responses to THE FELINE STARE: Its purpose, its use and its effect.

  1. monicabu says:

    You are a superbly inspirational feline friend! I now have MY OWN blog as well! Let us compare notes on our humans, I find mine acceptable. For the moment. One more move, and I may have to reconsider that. But she feeds me and loves me, and that is good. I shall keep her. Till we blog again,


  2. creeduckk says:



  3. rosemcnab says:

    Reblogged this on U.S.A. ON $2 A DAY! and commented:
    While I was at the cat show this weekend my cat got ahold of my iPad and wrote a blog post. Please leave her some comments…..


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