Recipes for life: the ingredients.

Padma here again: Queen of the counter top, ruler of the roost, and controller of the household Chi. While I disdain running and jumping and all that noisome frolicking of the lower-cat type, there are two things that I like to watch, besides the birds.


First, the water dispenser (I know that I will be able to catch those bubbles some day) and secondly, the blender. Food making day is quite fun because the blender needs copious amounts of watching.

As promised here are the vita ingredients for the homemade cat food that I ingest. This bunch of vitamins sounds yucky, but is very good for my intestines. If you have a puss with a similarly delicate disposition this may be a recipe to embrace.

(to mix with three pounds of meat)

2 eggs lightly cooked (optional, some felines abhor egg)

5000 mg fish oil (not cod liver) caps or powder (if caps prick with a pin and squirt into the mix, or soak in water and add) I love Salmon Oil, but you may use the cheaper types if your feline will concur.

400IU (268mg) of Vitamin E (get d-toropherol which is a natural form of Vitamin E)

50 mg B complex (this is rather smelly, and can be yellow which would in turn make your feline’s food green [an unnatural food color in my distinguished opinion], so use the natural vitamin B).

2000 mg Taurine

3/4 tsp Lite Salt (has potassium and iodine in it, also makes my meal flavorful)

1 tbsp Bone Meal Powder (in lieu of real bones)

and either

2 Tbsp Psyllium Husk Powder with 1/2 cup extra water (easy to find, good for digestion)


1/8 tsp Guar Gum (more natural and completely available nutrients and easily digestible)

Place all ingredients (except the Guar Gum or the Psyllium Husk because they will absorb all liquid) in the blender and watch intently for any mishap, bubble or random escapee. I watch very closely. I am very suspicious of this part of the process in making my individually tailored gourmet sustenance.

Next, gently fold the Guar Gum or Psyllium Husk into the vitamin mixture. Then you can add the egg, if you haven’t already. Finally, add the whole thing to the cooled (not cold) meat mixture. As stated previously, you can freeze this in mouse-size chunks. A feline with similar discriminating tastes and svelte body type of 7 pounds 11 ounces eats about 4-6 ounces of this meal a day. There is enough in this recipe to last one cat 14 days (2 weeks). I do not share. After watching the blender and supervising the mouse-chunk making, there is only one more thing to do:

Bella in new home


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