Rosie the rivited or Rose gets into Shakespeare.

Cats can read.

Proof that cats can read.

Rose Rose Rose
My name is Rose
I have nice toes
and a lovely nose
and that’s the way my story goes
because my name is
Rose Rose Rose

Hello, My name is Rose. I am the oldest of the Maine Coon Pride. I am a five year old Red Maine Coon (which is the best color by the way). I am here to tell you that cats can read, which is why we love to lay on your paperwork. How else are we going to keep up with the news? You certainly do not talk to us as if we know what is going on! Well, all that just has to change. So, please leave your papers around for our purrrusal. Thanks a lot.


About Maine Coon Pride

We are a family of Maine Coon Cats dedicated to increasing the communication beween feline and human kind.
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